About Me


I am a college graduate with a Bachelor’s in interior design. I have been interested in interior design since childhood. When my family was in the process of moving to a new home, we were visiting many model homes and houses in the construction phase. Seeing how each model home was designed was always fascinating to me. Observing color schemes and furniture layouts within the spaces caught my interest and I knew that I wanted to go into the field of interior design.

My time in college studying the field has taught me that interior design is more than just decorating and arranging layouts. Interior design is a multifaceted profession requiring knowledge of building codes, architecture, and more ranging from residential to commercial practices which requires licensing.

My passion has always been more geared towards the aesthetic and space planning side of design. I hope to soon earn my license in interior design so that I can practice professionally as an interior designer. My website will not only feature my portfolio and projects, but it will also be a place where aspiring designers, like myself, can stay up to date with trends and topics in the field as we explore the world of design together.