Whether you are a design professional or a student, here are some common design problems you are bound to experience at some point. What have been some of your own #InteriorDesignProblems? Leave a comment!

# Realizing you’ve drafted your floor plan, or built your 3D model in the wrong scale

# Thinking you are finally done with your design and then noticing something you need to fix… and then another thing…. and then another thing…

# Seeing your reflection through the AutoCAD background as you struggle through another file

# When your client now wants changes after you’ve gone through with the decisions previously agreed upon

# When you go onsite to check the progress of the construction and things are being built different from the detailed plans that were given

# When the fabrics you pulled at the design center look different under the lighting at your office

# When your friends think you are having fun making things look pretty but you’re actually on your 5th internal meltdown of the hour (lol)

# Getting AutoCAD commands mixed up with Revit commands

# When your layout looks great… and then you render it… different story…

# When you have to do a project by hand, you wish you could just use a program. When you have to use a program you wish you could just force quit and do it by hand.

# When it’s 5 AM and you are working on a project that is due for your 8 AM class

# When your 3 hour classes aren’t credit hours but literal hours

# Hearing “I really like this design but can I suggest…”

# When the one moment you don’t have a measuring tape with you is the same moment you need it for everything

# When your brain is working faster than your design software

# All nighters… enough said

# Backorders

# Not being able to go anywhere without noticing something you can incorporate in a design

# When everything that you would love for the project is over budget

# When your dwg files won’t upload correctly, so you spend all of your time trying to fix something that should have only taken a few seconds

# Realizing your drafting bar or straight edge isn’t straight after you’ve already been working

# When you are finally done with a project but now technology is against you and you are battling with the plotters for 2 hours on something you thought would take 5 minutes

# Trying to choose between 10 tints and shades of one color

# When the client is pushing a new idea that doesn’t fit the design & asks what you think about it…

….yet after all of these #InteriorDesignProblems, you still enjoy what you do and manage to get the job done! Share your #DesignProb experiences below!

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