In honor of my first blog post, I wanted to share the process of one of my last major projects during my undergrad years in college.

Pic 2

Not only was this one of my last projects, but it was also the first project where we were able to fully express our design style and individual talents by taking our ideas one step further and bringing them to reality. By the end of this post, you will have seen the transformation from an idea on paper to construction to the final product.

The Original Idea 

Pic 1  

Before the display was created, I used different computer programs to give an idea of what I wanted the display to resemble (shown above).

Building The Display

pic 3

The idea of my display is that it is actually a table made to create the illusion of a wall on one side and a table on the other side. If you look closely, you will see that the display consists of two main parts; a uniquely shaped top piece attached to a table base.

Finishing Touches

pic 4

After the construction was complete, I began adding my finishes. I used a dark cherry colored stain on a majority of the front side of my display so that the gold accessories would really stand out against it. The base of the table was painted black.

Pic 7

Instead of using dark cherry stain on the backside as well, I designed the back part of the display to resemble the original sketch by painting it in the color “Totally Teal.” Like many things in life, when it comes to design, sometimes things pop up that were not a part of the original idea. Considering a 42″ flatscreen TV would need to be mounted to the display to showcase my digital portfolio, the display could not just look good but it also had to be functional. The two blocks on the back created an eye sore for the design but they were necessary to support the weight without the display collapsing. In order to conceal the 2 blocks I used these two frames and refinished them to completely change the look. I added two silver key accessories and spray painted them gold (shown below).

pic 5

Finally!pic 6

After adding beadboard to the back and adding the illusion of columns, the display was complete and ready for accessories. My overall color scheme was teal, white and gold. I am all for quality and affordability. I found unique ways to design on a dime and accessorize my display without breaking the bank.

Thanks to the help of my family during the process and Devision Lab Studios for construction work, my showcase turned out great and my idea was taken from paper to reality. Thank you for reading my first blog post. Stay tuned for great things to come!

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